July 22, 2017

OJ Simpson at Activist Steve Cokely's, After His Trial

It will be interesting to see if OJ Simpson really comes home now that he will be released. He alluded to the idea, in the video, that super success has a way of compelling brothas to align with the mainstream, due their celebrity, while sending money to their favorite community charities.

July 13, 2017

Clarifying the Out-of-Africa Migrations... .

The out-of-Africa paradigm that early Africans traveled overland to the far reaches of the world needs to be modified to reflect the  more natural patterns of migration, which would have occurred along the Indian Ocean shores. The Dravidians of India, Indonesian, and Pacific Island Black people emerged through natural generation-to-generation migrations of Africans following the coastlines. In some cases, Monsoon storms would have transposed lost boaters across the expanse in short periods.