June 13, 2020

Les Lester on BelAhdan with Ahmed Tharwat... .

Today, we have a $20 trillion gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States. In 2008, we bailed banks out to the tune of $2 trillion, by some estimates. Now, it's time to bail the people out. Young people are beginning to realize that our GDP is their inherited wealth. A 9-to-12 month universal basic income (UBI) would go a long way in stimulating local economies and keeping families stable during the current pandemic. Thomas Paine, Martin L. King, and recently presidential candidate Andrew Yang (presciently) advocated for a UBI. (Video begins in 11 seconds)

June 04, 2020

Hannibal's Tactical Defeat of the Romans, Won but for Reinforcements... .

The documentary was accurate in portraying a Black Hannibal, which extant sources corroborate. But the surrounding soldiers, though some were Black in the film, were European looking, for the most part, in this modern version. The filmmaker did note that many of Hannibal's soldiers were from the Italian countryside. Rome had emerged as a colony of Etruria, (Etruscan coin, possibly Hannibal), even the so-called barbarian tribesmen would have been more mixed-looking than the film illustrates. There were still Etruscan city states in the time of the Punic Wars.